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  1. Hello. I successfully imported all data using the CSV file. As best I can tell, this worked flawlessly and I am currently using Enpass. I have abandoned 1password after many, many years because they no longer support the stand-alone app and require a subscription model. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I am using Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 and 1password v7.9.9. 1password generates the 1pif file but it seems that the file has no content. I am unsure why this is the case. My version of 1password on the Mac is fully licensed and functional. Perhaps this is an issue iwth the older Catalina OS. Unfortunately, this particular machine is older and will not accept more recent versions of the Mac OS. I've verified that this Mac computer with 1password v7 will successfully export a populated CSV file. Are there any reasons that this option should not be used? Thanks!
  3. Hello. I'm fully prepared to move to Enpass but am unable to import the 1pif folder or file. I have 1password on both my MacOS and Windows machines and cannot import a 1pif folder or file in Enpass installs in either the Windows or MacOS environments. Windows is running v4.6 and MacOS is running v7.9.9. On MacOS, it seems the 1pif file simply isn't exporting properly. The result is a file with no contents. So, I switched to Windows. On the Windows side, the 1pif file exports properly with contents but Enpass won't import it. Please advise if there is any way through this. My password manager must absolutely be rock solid and reliable. Thanks!
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