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  1. I wanted to vent my frustration about Enpass that I've been using for quite some time now. It's incredibly disappointing that the performance of Enpass has been consistently declining with each new release pushed out by the developers. I first noticed the slowdown with the 7.x releases, but the latest release, version 6.8, is painfully slow. Simple operations like searching for a password can take up to 10-12 seconds, and auto-filling a password isn't much faster. This sluggish performance has become a significant inconvenience for me, as I depend on Enpass to keep my passwords secure and easily accessible. What's even more frustrating is that I'm not the only user experiencing these issues. Several other users have complained about Enpass's performance in the forums, but there hasn't been any significant improvement in the latest updates. I feel like the Enpass team is ignoring our feedback, and it's unacceptable. As users, we expect password managers to be quick, efficient, and secure, but Enpass is currently falling short on these expectations. I'm hoping that the Enpass team will take these performance issues seriously and prioritize fixing them in future updates. Until then, I'm left feeling frustrated and disappointed with the slow performance of Enpass. I urge the Enpass team to listen to the feedback of their users and make the necessary changes to improve the app's performance. If they fail to do so, I'll be forced to drop subscription and look for alternative password managers to use instead.
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