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  1. I've had a similar issue as can be seen here. 1 year later and still not working.
  2. 1 year later and still not working. Time to find an alternative to Enpass.
  3. IS THIS EVEN BEING LOOKED AT AND BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY?????? Yes I know it was in CAPS to try AND GET SOME ATTENTION and maybe maybe if I'm lucky a response finally.
  4. Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on ‎16/‎12/‎2021 OS build 19045.3448 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19044.1000.0 I am using the Desktop version of Enpass not the App store.
  5. This worked in the previous version. Since the latest update, rather than timing out , it just continues to try to connect to a Folder which is not currently present. I use 2 different servers to separate my work and personal folders and they are on different Wifi networks etc. Previously it gracefully timed out folders which were currently not available now it keeps trying and eats up to 16% of my CPU. Precisely the same issue as I have been complaining about in iOS since May! https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/29181-freezing-when-vaults-connected-using-folder-option/ Seems the Folder sync and in general multiple folder options have not been properly thought through.
  6. Has this been resolved in 6.9.2 as to test it out I need to waste many hours in setting up all the vaults, testing it and if it fails, I need to delete Enpass completely and reinstall over again. I've done this enough times so I am not at all happy about the fact there is NO response from you.
  7. 1 month and not even a comment from your side. Very disappointing indeed.
  8. Any updates on this topic? Have you managed to replicate the issue?
  9. Is this due to iOS or a choice you made? Once the folder freezing issue has been resolved, It would be nice for it to do an occasional update in the background rather than having to bring the app to the forefront.
  10. As I said, I have now stopped Sync and I can at least use my phone and Enpass together. Disconnecting wifi etc defeats the object as I need the connection to connect to the website etc and Enpass might retry to sync again at a later stage. Have you been able to replicate this error? Main differnece is that the Files app DOES NOT hang the phone whilst trying to connect to a disconnected Server. Enpass DOES hang the phone.
  11. Also I had to delete enpass and install it from a backup as it was impossible for me to unlink the vaults as the system hung and I had to force restart the phone as I couldn't even restart it manually. Now I can use enpass without it hanging as teh vaults are no longer linked for sync
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