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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan That feature would be a game changer: A file with credentials and key is placed in a secure location with tight permissions. Environment variables point to resources needed: credentials file, Vaults, etc. Then, Linux systemd(1) starts the WIFI-Sync Servicer. No terminal or desktop is needed. Clients connect to it and sync. We headless solution is needed.
  2. Hello Friends: This is my very first post. I'm a brand new Enpass user looking to vacate my old password manager for this one. On my Fedora-38 Linux server I have the following Enpass version installed: enpass- (latest) I'd like to use this server as my Enpass WIFI-Sync Server but in a headless setting -- i.e. without having to log in. I can, say, log in a first time to set Enpass up via the its UI, but after that I'd like to run this as a daemon/service every time the system boots without me having to log in and start the desktop UI: /opt/enpass/wifisyncserver_bin Is it possible to set things up this way? Thank you in advance.
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