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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, Thanks for your answer, but my question is more focused in the iCloud Advanced data protection. I assume that you propose to use the Mac App Store version directly, so iCloud Advanced data protection won't cause any issues. Is this right? The previous would solve the Mac issue but, what about the Windows issue? How can I keep Enpass in sync using iCloud + iCloud Advanced data protection between iPhone (it was working), Mac (I assume using the Mac App Store version would work) and Windows (which was failing too)? How to solve this issue in Windows? Thanks.
  2. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, Unfortunately and as mentioned in my previous message, there is no "most recent data" because all the devices were adding data on his own, so all of them have data not available in the rest of devices. Anyway, I have read your entire message and I have found the reason why the sync stopped working: iCloud Advanced data protection Question: Is it possible to use this iCloud Advanced data protection somehow with Enpass? What should I do to not lose the sync between devices as it happened? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I have 3 devices in sync (iCloud): iOS Mac Windows On the Mac, it was normal that from time to time, I need to re-login because the authentication was expired. Sometimes, I was doing it at the time of Enpass informs about that and some other times I did it weeks later. The problem is that, today and since some time ago (some days at least), I'm not able to authenticate Enpass on Mac nor on Windows. iOS is working fine and synced. I have been adding/changing passwords on each device, so each device has a different numbers of items created on different and mixed dates, so I cannot remove and add the sync, because I don't want to lose anything. I've tried to authenticate using different browsers without success. Different OS (Mac and Windows 11) too (both failing). iCloud username and password are fine. I'm attaching a screenshot of the error from Mac. Any solution for this? Thanks.
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