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  1. I really tried to love this product, it seemed to have everything I wanted but it just does not run smooth for me..... Being limited to a single vault per cloud service is also a pain when you try to separate work and personal.... yes you can use tags but takes ages to sort all these out when you import from another password manager. The feature i really love was the global search for text as this searches all your safenotes and not just their titles....not many password managers seem to be able to do that - but this feature is not enough for me to continue with enpass. Maybe its just me, coming from a very long stint with Roboform, but the syncing has caused problems for me when using multiple vaults across multiple cloud services and expecting it to work nicely across home, work, tablets and phones........ I have read that within the first 30 days, if you cancel then you will receive a full refund.......I have seen a cancel subscription option on the FASTSPRING payment site, is that the best way to cancel or does that just cancel the subscription a year down the line...... Please advise.....
  2. Enpass for Windows 6.9.2... using Windows 11. I have managed to import my Roboform data using the print method. I have 424 items. Using Onedrive personal Desktop version is terribly slow and stalls for several minutes while syncing. Sometimes have to force close the app and run again for it to update the items. Once synced, making any changes or moving around the app that causes a resync forces it to go really slow or freeze.....
  3. New user here, and using the latest version 6.9.2(1563). he desktop app keeps slowing down and its like wading through treacle. First complaint, is that it won't import ROBOFORM data. I have exported data to CSV, no option to export to HTML like in the support pages on Enpass. Then when trying to import the CSV, Enpass says nothing to import...... I had to download the enpass CSV template and adjust the exported CSV to suit..... NOT Ideal and time consuming considering you advertise it can import from ROBOFORM. Second Complaint, is that the desktop app is terribly slow. So while I am trying to resort and categories my imported safe notes (66 of them), its like wading through treacle to edit the entries and tidy them up. Could this be because I'm using a onedrive stored vault and onedrive is affecting the performance. I jumped to enpass after running ROBOFORM for almost 10 years, but got sick of the poor Android app and the lack of global search for any data contained in notes....... Graham
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