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  1. Thanks for the response. I've cured the problem by uninstalling the version of Enpass from the Microsoft Store and installing V 5.6.9 from your downloads page. Everything works perfectly now. Thanks, Pete
  2. The Firefox extension (add-on) works initially, when I install it from Enpass, but the next time I boot up Windows 10 and try to open it, it won't work. Neither the hotkey combinatuion, nor the toolbar icon bring up Enpass. I have to reinstall the add-on from Enpass for it to work again. I have checked that NMHost is installed and that it's referenced in the registry. Could it be antivirus-related? Enpass version: 5.6.19 (5548) Windows 10 Firfox plugin version: 5.5.2 Antivirus: Kaspersky free
  3. I've solved my own problem. I don't know what caused it, but I uninstalled, deleted the 'My Documents\Enpass' folder, plus sub folders, then reinstalled. Its working fine now. -- Pete
  4. I can't create new items on Enpass V 5.4.1 on a specific PC. I click the '+' icon on the toolbar and Enpass goes through all the steps to create a new secure note, or login, etc., and click save, but the item never appears in the list of items. It's installed on a Windows 10 PC. I have it installed on a second Win 10 PC and it works perfectly. Any items I create ion that one, sync OK with the first PC. So why this one? I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, but it didn't help. -- Pete
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