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  1. Please let me know any Firefox compatible web-browser for temporary use until the Enpass add-on comes available with Firefox. I hope the web-browser that "Pocket icon" and "Enpass icon" are shown on the menu-bar at least. I know the "Cyberfox" can show "Pocket icon" on the bar, but "Enpass icon". I hope the webmaster posts a new topic on this matter. Windows10 / 8GB RAM
  2. You have ever registered web services or desktop applications which is no longer available. Some web services have already stopped their businesses. But you sometimes want to remind some passwords, or web service URLs in case any trouble in future. So I would like a new ICON which means / indicates "This web service is no longer available" or "You withdrew / canceled this web service in 2010." in ENPASS.
  3. I hope that the ENPASS main window shows tree-style list. You know that some web services accept a new account by using your Google account. For example, you can make a new account in Dropbox by using your Google account. I use 6 web services which has accepted by using my Google account. I think that it's simple if you can register an item in ENPASS DB as follows: Name - Dropbox Account - My Google account It's easy for me to recognize that the ENPASS main window could lists 6 web services as children of my Google account.
  4. Sure. Please let me know if you want me to test something. Thank you for your quick reply.
  5. Windows10 Pro 64 Japanese Edition / 8 GB RAM / Firefox / Chrome You can't auto-log-in the NIKKEI Japanese major news site by using ENPASS browser extention. The NIKKEI site has free account and paid account. Both accounts can't be auto-logged in the NIKKEI site. You can log-in the NIKKEI site by keyboard copy-paste. NIKKEI news site http://www.nikkei.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nikkei You can auto-log-in other Japanese major news site, for example, ASAHI, YOMIURI so far.
  6. I understand the solution in this case. This topic is solved.
  7. Windows10 Pro 64 / Firefox / Chrome / 8GB RAM I hope that ENPASS could suggest / show 1 item in each account. I have 2 Facebook accounts. I have 5 Google accounts. ENPASS suggests 6 items if I try to open my Facebook account by using a browser even if only 2 accounts is stored in ENPASS. The reason why is each 3 similar Facebook URLs are stored in ENPASS. ENPASS recognizes 1 username, 1 password and 1 LOG-IN URL as 1 item. But most of website has some LOG-in URLs. So I hope that ENPASS can store more than 2 LOG-IN URLs in 1 tem.
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