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  1. Ormbatiav: best advice - give up and move on. Beyond initial questions, once answered, never got any support. I now use iPassword. So far, no hiccups. Been using it since April.
  2. When entering the master password, I did it one character at a time, and checked to ensure what I wanted was entered. ABSOLUTELY no doubt the master password has been entered correctly. No recent change of Master Password. No multiple languages. English only. Master password contains lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters Fingerprint works EVERY TIME i want to use the phone and it's locked. I used to use fingerprint to unlock enpass. I have thought of trying to uninstall enpass and reinstall. Will this wipe out my saved passwords? What about attempting to install enpass again? GETTING URGENT to get this issue resolved.
  3. ios 10.2.1. enpass is whatever version was on the apple store shelf 10 weeks ago. I don't know how to tell the version because I can't get into the software. Not using enpass on any other devices. No cloud sync that I remember, nor have I taken any backup touch id works to unlock the phone, so the feature is working fine on the phone itself. Enpass is just locked.
  4. Powered off phone for 10 minutes. Initially only had 1 fingerprint setup. Went and setup 2 more. None of the 3 work. Can I uninstall the app and reinstall without losing my data?
  5. iPhone 6s Plus. Evaluating Enpass. Only have 6 logins to remember. Needed to access one earlier today. Everything worked as it should. Later in the day needed to repeat. This time, None of my 3 finger prints worked, nor did the master password. So now I can't get to my passwords. Please help.
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