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  1. I am evaluating switching from Lastpass to Enpass. I would like to repeat a sentiment already stated: Importing without folders is a show-stopper. I was evaluating different options and was close to pulling the trigger, now I am not sure. What's worse is that I would have been ok with something that is more manual than a "auto import" but less manual than going through 850 items and sorting them individually. So, I tried the manual CSV import. What I was hoping to find is a "folder" attribute I can map a column in the csv to, and I would have been a happy-enough camper. I am a developer myself and very much understand delays. But this seems really fundamental, especially for a smaller upstart trying to take on much bigger players (Lastpass, Dashlane, etc), an excellent migration experience is critical to get users to, you know, migrate. Now I have to do a little math: how long will this take (850 items, in many sub folders, and different item types), how much is my time worth, and how much more benefit am I getting vs the alternative(s)? I think I have been convinced to renew Lastpass for another year... Wish you all the luck in the world! I'll probably be looking at Enpass again next year.
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