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  1. I cannot seem to download the lastest update of enpass and therefore i cannot use  it or recommend it anywhere.

    The company we are in has over 1000 users and it seems a pity that the update cannot be simply downloaded separately as Windows Store is not available unless the company approves individual download sites for websites

  2. I cant seem to download it unless from the Windows Store which is also a restricted location for my company.

    Surely the latest download link for Windows 10 can be added as a separate download on the enpass site??

    I just want a simple download here link or button not a redirect etc


  3. Have you recently changed where you are hosting the update files as it appears as if our company internet protection system has blocked you hosting site.



    The website that you have requested is not available due to classification (File hosting).dl.sinew.in

    I have tried downloading your recommended update link and even then it is showing above

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