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  1. PLEASE, Could you please send me the link for the update i have been a loyal promoter of enpass but these simple needs are not addressed quickly nor are solutions provided.
  2. I cant seem to download it unless from the Windows Store which is also a restricted location for my company. Surely the latest download link for Windows 10 can be added as a separate download on the enpass site?? I just want a simple download here link or button not a redirect etc
  3. Yes as it is a company supplied PC Is there a work around so i can get a download of the latest version with out going to the windows store
  4. Trying to update to latest version and every time I request it it fails and says in red SSL connect error Very frustrating can i get the latest upgrade sent as a seperate file to download rather than doing it thru the app?
  5. Yes ENPASS is very good BUT surely this 3 field option can be added now!! it is very frustrating and we have been very patient.....
  6. Have you recently changed where you are hosting the update files as it appears as if our company internet protection system has blocked you hosting site. https://dl.sinew.in/windows/setup/5-5-3/Enpass_Setup.exe The website that you have requested is not available due to classification (File hosting).dl.sinew.in I have tried downloading your recommended update link and even then it is showing above
  7. My Enpass desktop is not updateing and have tried multiple times and it says do you internet and i have now tried it at three different internet connections and still no joy. just shows this everytime
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