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  1. For sure i will NOT update my IOS. Update your app and fix it ASAP since you made something wrong
  2. Does your app work fine on iphone which have iOS 10? YES On iPad (8.1) are you using any cloud sync? ICLOUD Exactly when your app crashes on iPad (On launching or after entering master password)? ON LAUNCHING For testing purpose do the following: Also, turn off internet connectivity on iPad and try to open Enpass app. NOT WORKED If you have all of your latest data on iphone then you can try re-installing the app from ipad and then try to open. NOT WORKED
  3. I have an Iphone with IOS 10 and an Ipad with IOS 8.1. After updating the Ipad to the last release, everytime i try to open de APP it crashes and cannot use it anymore. Could anyone help me? bregards
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