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  1. Hi, just downloaded the newest build again and this time it worked! Thanks a lot Michael
  2. Hi, for my iCloud Sync is not working: I setup Enpass 6 Beta on iOS and synced it to iCloud After that I installed Enpass 6 Beta on MacOS and tried setting up iCloud sync as well, but I get an error message after the authorisation But on my iPhone it looks like the sync worked (sorry, phone is set to German, Mac to English) : Anybody experiencing the same issue? Thanks, Michael
  3. Hi, that did the trick. TouchID worked when using the app directly, but not in the share sheet. After disabling and reenabling, it works also in the share sheet. Thanks a lot! Michael
  4. Hi, I havent found an option to enable TouchID support when using the share sheet extension in Safari on iOS 10.3. I have to always enter my password. Is this a bug or missing feature :-) Thanks Michael
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