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    Sync icloud fail

    Now its really crazy, but it works fine.... I do the same yesterday (thanks for your quick answer), switch the iCloud Drive off and on, do some test items, mark some favorite and only the iPad works fine. But now: both devices are synchronised with the MAC.... Once again: Thank you very much for your quick support.
  2. xillu

    Sync icloud fail

    Thats crazy, it doesn't work correct since i buy the PRO-Version.... I use the MAC and iOS-App (iPhone and iPad) as the demo version and everything work fine, now i reached the 20 objects limit and i make some new objects in the mac-App and then i buy the pro-version on my iphone. but there is no syncronising between the iPhone and the MAC or iPad?!? I see the file in the finder (icloud) (sync_default.walletx) with the correct timestamp, but the new objects are not syncronised to my phone. i started everything new (MAC, iPhone), i delete the iPhone-App and download it again, but nothing..... i only see my old objects at the iPhone, after i reinstall the app. Once again: When i create a new item on the mac, i see it some seconds later on my iPad, but not on my iPhone can everyone help me and give me some info
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