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  1. Anshu, any update on when this feature might be implemented? Thanks for your help!
  2. Anshu, this makes me and I bet many others very happy. Thanks for the quick reply and take care! Keep up the great work!
  3. Anshu, this is excellent news. Thanks so much! Looking forward to the feature.
  4. I have emailed support but haven’t heard back yet. Is there any way to get a confirmation your current model of local storage and syncing to third party cloud storage will be the long term direction of your product. I am moving to your product and want to recommend it to my clients currently using a competitor that is now changing directions to sync all data with their own proprietary cloud. I just can’t get behind that model. Your currently model is awesome and just looking for confirmation it will remain this way. Thanks very much!
  5. Just tested the txt export and it really doesn't work that nice since it doesn't put a line space between the records to help with formatting. Really a formatted print output would be awesome. Hope you can do this. Formatting doesn't need to be anything special other than a couple of blank lines or a line to differentiate the records. Thanks again!
  6. First I am very impressed with your product, approach and openness with your customers. I am converting myself and hopefully my clients from a competing product after they have changed their approach to a proprietary cloud first approach. Once nice feature often used by my clients was the ability to print to hard copy the entire database from the desktop version. It seems like I might be able to do the same with your product but I have to export it to txt first, which worries me that someone might leave the export file on their computer by accident. Do you think you could add a simple print feature under the file menu in the Windows desktop product? Might be nice to also be able to print a single record, but for now the entire would match the feature that is missing for us. Thanks very much!
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