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  1. Thank you. 

    I can understand that the motivation to have it may have been to be helpful or organizational.  But, really, the list is already alphabetized, and with a swipe, you can scroll dozens of entries at a time.  That big ugly letter doesn't add anything in actuality. 

    Take it away, or make it an option.  Much obliged.

  2. I really do not want the large block alphabetizing capital letter next to the folder names.  The folders are already in alpha order. 


    That letter is bold, off center horizontally, a different font, and ruins the smooth appearance of the list.  Please make it go away in an update option. 


  3. This would apply to all versions.

    In the generate password function, I'd like to be able to select the number of characters when creating a pronounceable PW.  Some sites limit the length, and so cycling through refreshes to get to the limit  number can be problematic. 

  4. If Enpass is locked and closed (but the icon is still displayed in the taskbar), any notifications of a new release do not display the Release Notes.  The field is blank.

    Once unlocked, if the notification pops up then, the RL display appropriately. 

  5. I'm trying out Enpass for Windows.  I imported the database from my current software, Password Safe, which has PW dating and age notification functions in its database. 

    But after import, I don't see any PW date field in Enpass.  In the PW Audit folder, from where does Enpass draw its data?

    I want to be able to know the age of my passwords and to set an expiration date.

    Can any of this be accomplished with Enpass currently?

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