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  1. I'm new too. I was able to migrate my data from Roboform per your instructions, with one minor hiccup. I used an invalid name for the .htm file that I saved from Roboform. Basically, my Windows filename had imbedded blanks, so that your tool, which was looking for an .htm file could not find it (it saw the file as a folder). One useful tip for new users would be to make sure that you save your Roboform file using an appropriate file name. When you suggest "filename.html" some of us might not be aware that you intend to require precisely this name. BUT, I still cannot get Enpass to work. I saved the Roboform dataset in the "login" category in Enpass. It seems to be there. I added the Enpass extension to Firefox and opened some test Websites. The extension shows the correct icon and name for the login, and all of the data seems correct. However, when I click on the icon, nothing happens. If I fill the page out manually, Enpass saves the login info and then I can click on the new icon without problems. What am I missing? All of the imported data seems to be present, but it does not work (yet). I am using Windows 10 desktop and Firefox 46.0.1 and hope to use Enpass on my Windows phone. Thanks!
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