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  1. Installed 6.0.6 (322) and cannot connect to Firefox and internet. Extensions are only available to Edge. How can I connect with Firefox 66 as standard browser and connect to iCloud for syncing? Thanks for help Ernst
  2. Great and fast reply and super service to get your detailed reply by email! Thank you! Not understandig my questions might be a language problem, I obviously am not an English native, sorry. I have an iPhone 7plus which can access iCloud and dropbox and I have a PC Windows 7 which has also access to dropbox by cable internet (no WiFi). Does the above constellation with a Windows Enpass program on my PC allows sync between the iPhone and the PC over dropbox and also allows to edit any data on my Windows PC (much easier) to have them on my iPhone finally? If yes, how much space is usually tken by the backup file in the cloud? Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards Ernst
  3. I want to sync iPhone7plus with iCloud and PC Windows 7 64bit. After installing your Windows Program and the manual I see, that for iCloud syncing "Enpass downloaded from MAC App Store only" is required, which I cannot find on any Apple store. 1. How do I sync best between iPhone, iCloud and PC (w/o WiFi)? 2. Ca anybody confirm, that syncing between iPhone and iCloud means backuping my Enpass data on iCloud 3. with synced Enpass program on PC can I backup Enpass data locally on my PC? Thanks for any response Ernst
  4. solved, does not seem to be possible Ernst
  5. Hi, Just bought Enpass for iOS (iphone7plus) and want to backup my Enpass data. The only backup and recovery option offered is WiFi. None of my PCs is connected to WiFi and will not be for some time to come. Is there any other option possible like USB and how to proceed with alternatives? If not, I unfortunately have to look for an alternative to Enpass.... Best regards Ernst
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