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  1. Thanks so much for getting this out so quickly! I was hoping to get to try this out soon. One quick note from limited usage so far is that it appears a bit limited in that it will only search for a specific title/string that much be specified by the app and if it can't find that string as an entry in the system then it does not let you search. As an example, my bank's name is First Interstate Bank and I have an entry in my database with that as the name and it includes the url to their login page. I've used this entry in the past to log into the app using the old enpass keyboard fill method just fine, though I have to search for the name. With this new method, when I click on the "Unlock Enpass" dialog to use the new autofill it unlocks and then goes right back to the bank app with a messages saying that it could not find an entry for "ifs.com" I see the same behavior trying to use the Anyconnect VPN client which reports back that it couldn't find an entry for "cisco.com" Netflix for example worked great as it found that entry just fine and filled the information in without a problem. Unfortunately though it seems like it is going to be about 50/50 whether the string that you are using to search from the app is going to actually match anything. Without a way to search for the proper entry when that default string isn't found, this is not going to be very useful as I will end up with more steps to fill in info after this one fails and I have to then fall back to the old keyboard fill method. That said, I know this is a Beta (as is Android O) and again thanks for getting something out for this new Android O feature so quickly. Hope this can become a great new feature for Enpass.
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