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  1. Same problem. Funny thing, the first few days with Enpass 6 there were no problems. Everything is not in the right place now. For example if I click Dropbox in my picture then Google Drive shows up..

    I tried to repair, to reset, and to reinstall, but nothing helped. I found out that when I go to System-settings -> system -> Display -> "Change the size of text..." to 100% and restart Enpass then it's fine - but then I need a magnifier for everything ;) Normaly my setting is 225% (250% recommended from the system).

    I use a Dell XPS Laptop with the 4K Display.


    // I also tried to follow the FAQ and add the variables, but that did not change anything, even after a reboot. So now I live with a very small Enpass, while all the other programms are OK.

    2019-01-04 11_01_39-Enpass.png

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