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  1. Today I still had the problem and I saw that Enpass is already on Version 6.0.3. Then I deleted these environment variables I recently added and.... Enpass is finally scaling right (4K display, 225% zoom)
  2. Did you also notice, that a normal user doesn't know how to add such Environment Variables? I think many people have this problem, probably all with a 4K Display. Is a fix for that coming, too? Thank you
  3. Yep, same problem here. And I think it's not a problem, but a feature.. I hope that in the future there will be an update, that you never have to type in your Master Password.
  4. Same problem. Funny thing, the first few days with Enpass 6 there were no problems. Everything is not in the right place now. For example if I click Dropbox in my picture then Google Drive shows up.. I tried to repair, to reset, and to reinstall, but nothing helped. I found out that when I go to System-settings -> system -> Display -> "Change the size of text..." to 100% and restart Enpass then it's fine - but then I need a magnifier for everything Normaly my setting is 225% (250% recommended from the system). I use a Dell XPS Laptop with the 4K Display. // I also tried to follow the FAQ and add the variables, but that did not change anything, even after a reboot. So now I live with a very small Enpass, while all the other programms are OK.
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