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  1. Good! New Version(6.6.314.0) has fixed the font size problem under the high resolution screen. Perfect!
  2. Hello, I am used to using Maxthon Browser in Windows. Can Enpass add the Autofilling extension for Maxthon Browser? thank you.
  3. I tested previous version of Enpass Windows App in the same operating system environment, without adding any environment variables. In Enpass 5.5.7, the font is normal and large enough, but In Enpass 6.0.2 has a very small font. It must be caused by some differences between the two versions. Can you please find the reason and solve it? (I feel that changing parameters is not a good way) Thank you~~
  4. Enpass under the high resolution screen, The font is too small, Is it possible to increase the option for custom font size? Thank you.
  5. Enpass can't appear in the notification bar for the Samsung Interenet Browser until I install other password management software together,such as SafeInCloud or 1Password. Why?It is a bug?
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