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  1. 13 minutes ago, GinoEelen said:

    Hi Joel,

    Wow, thanks for the quick response :)

    In Antergos I rely on the Pamac GUI for keeping everything up to date. And for some reason it was showing 5.6.9 as the most recent version. After going to the command line and using Yaourt to update enpass, it found version 6 and installed it. After that, Pamac also shows version 6 as the most recent one. Maybe I should be doing more CLI work in the future...

    Version 6 looks awesome now :) so I withdraw my comment about no fix being in the makes, and thank you Enpass team for this improved all-new version. It looks and works great! 

    Thanks again for the help!



    Great to know it worked for you Gino and that it's working as it should without tweaking environment files. Nice step forward from enpass dev team.

  2. Just now, GinoEelen said:


    Since this is still an issue and the proposed workaround does not work for me on KDE 5.53.0 Plasma 5.14.4 (Antergos Arch), and apparently there are not real plans to fix it, could you at least try to provide a workaround that works? - that would make the application so much more usable.

    @Joel Teixeira Would you be so kind to give a more detailed explanation? I have no idea what "I created another profile with kdeglobals inside" means... 

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Gino, when you change the default kde between dark and light it saves this info inside /home/username/.config so I basically switched back to light theme and duplicate the config folder as .config-light and switched back to dark theme. Then using the above command from previous post I told enpass to use the light themed environment.

    But out of curiosity, why aren't you using the enpass 6? I'm not using Linux right now but I thought it was released on both platforms.

  3. Hey there, 

    I've been using Falkon as my primary browser for a while now and it's really mature and stable. With the release of the new Falkon 3.0.0 I would like to ask you guys if we can expect a enpass plugin/extension on it.


    Thank you for the best password manager,

    Joel Teixeira 

  4. Hey there, just wanted to share that for some reason this workaround didn't work here. But I learned another way and it's working fine. 

    I created another profile with kdeglobals inside using white (standard) breeze and added the line below to runespass.sh. 

    export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/sputnik/.config-light


    Thank you 

  5. Hi,


    Since there's no new posts for ~20 days I would like to ask you all if this issue is gone. After some time using Windows I'm going back to Linux (Arch and Mint) and I saw on AUR some comments about this thread. On a quick check on Mint 18 (beta) I couldn't see any high CPU usage but still was strange to see Enpass most of the time consuming 1~2% constantly even when it was (well, apparently) idle. 


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