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  1. I'm now 3 for 3. Went to another site, changed passwords, logged out and then tried to log back in with Enpass and the program crashed again. Obviously this is a problem that will need to be fixed, or my PC (and I) will get tired of rebooting. No more password changes until someone can give me some solid ideas or direction to fix the problem. Maybe it's me?!?
  2. Just went to another site to try and change a password. Everything appeared to work correctly, generated a new password etc, but after I signed out of that site, I tried to login again with the revised password with Enpass. I could not find the saved Login in Enpass, then after another minute or so Enpass crashed again with the same message as shown before. Wish I hadn't paid my app fee so quickly. This password manager may be short lived with me if this problem continues.
  3. Back in the system today. Have never had any issues with the Android app, but have barely used it. Set it up for fingerprint login and it continues to work well. Went back on the desktop and did what you asked about turning off the internet and doing a search. Wasn't sure what Search you were referring to, but I just used the one in Enpass. No issues, but didn't do much with it either. Got back on the internet and went to a site I was trying to change passwords on late last night. Went to the alarm company's site to change passwords, and Enpass did not recognize the change attempt, so I manually edited the Login entry to update the password. Enpass crashed again with a screen saying "Unfortunately Enpass has stopped working because of some unexpected error. Application will now terminate." Did a system reboot, recovered from the last Sync again and so far it's fine, but I haven't really done anything else yet. I will go to another site and try another password change next. WTF.
  4. Another problem arose tonight, possibly related to the crashes as well. My sync from my desktop with Dropbox stopped working. No error message, just happened to look thru all the tabs before shutting down for the night and it had an error message under Sync. Not sure how long it had stopped. Checked the mobile app and it still was syncing, or at least trying. So I rebooted the system and restarted Enpass and sync restarted. What bothers me was there was no popup or message indicating the problem. It just stopped working. At this rate I'll be rebooting my PC more often that logging into sites. This can't be normal. Very frustrating first day.
  5. Desktop app crashed again after an hour on the system. Was able to shut down and reboot my PC again and restore from last sync. Not sure what is happening to cause these crashes. Any thoughts?
  6. Finally had time to dig back into this issue and of course, tried the shut everything down and reboot fix. And it worked. After rebooting, it apparently realized there had been a unexpected shutdown and asked for a reboot from my last Sync. Seems to be fine now. Fingers crossed.
  7. Forgot to mention, Windows 7 and Android phone, if those matter at all.
  8. Just installed and setup the desktop, followed by the android app on my phone. Had no issues and logged in with my master password several times with no issues. But after setting up the mobile app and syncing, and allowing Fingerprint login, I now have been unable to login on the desktop app. After keying in the master password slowly and carefully and insuring no caplocks etc, the screen just says Upgrading for a few seconds, but then fails to login and says Try again. The desktop app also shut down by itself after I had been setting up the mobile app. What happened?
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