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  1. Cycling the Accessibility Service setting (by cycling I mean turning it off and on again) it fixes the problem, but only briefly. It will work one time and then stop working again. I turned off battery optimization for Enpass but it did not help. Doesn't seem like battery optimization would be the culprit, especially as Enpass worked before using the same settings.

  2. It stopped only a few days ago, I believe after the latest update from Play Store. Enpass won't detect logins in Chrome Beta (or any other browser, I have Firefox and Brave) nor any app. It used to work just fine. Now I don't see the notification bar prompt anymore. I'm on Android 8.0.0 Oreo. Enpass 5.6.4.

    I have both the Oreo Autofill (Beta) and Accessibility Service turned on.

  3. I am getting Oreo real soon (OnePlus) and hope that Enpass supports Oreo Autofill API, so that I don't have to use the Accessibility Service and autofill finally works in Firefox, not only Chrome. :) Are you working on Oreo Autofill at all or did you decide not to given its market share? AFAIK LastPass has a working Beta. To me, this will soon become an important feature of the password manager.

  4. https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/09/26/firefox-quantum-beta-developer-edition/

    And so, Enpass stopped working in Firefox Beta. You have pushed the upgrade to Enpass on Windows already, when do you plan to release the updated browser extension?

    I installed the extension from your website for now, but I think it really should go into the official Firefox addons channel.

  5. I confirm the problem. What is interesting is that Enpass is able to find the credentials in its database, but it does not fill them. Even if chosen from the list - it still won't autofill on Allegro.

    FYI, Allegro is the largest website of this kind in Poland, it's like eBay. I'd say it's a major website to support for any password manager for Polish users.

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