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  1. Thanks for the response. Based on what you said I switched over to Google drive and all is working well again. That's a good lesson for me; if I have trouble like this in the future try an alternative cloud provider. Just for the record I don't have a preferred cloud provider, I just started with Dropbox because it was common to iOS and Windows when I started with Enpass. Now I'm Windows only so Dropbox, Google or Onedrive are all good. Thanks, Pete
  2. Last night I updated my Lumia 640 XL to 10.0.10586.420 and I wanted to make sure that it still worked with enpass. I tried to do a sync which failed so I uninstalled and re-installed. I still cannot sync or access any of my data stored on Dropbox. I also checked my Surface 3 tablet running 10586.318 and it can sync although it took a few tries. I tried on WiFi from the house and from a coffee shop so it's not a WiFi issue. The message on my phone is: Not able to connect to Dropbox. Please check internet connectivity. I can access the web, email, Facebook, Dropbox, Onedrive and every other web based service on my phone so WiFi is working just fine. Thanks, Pete
  3. I'm having the same issue on a Lumia 640 XL running Windows 10 mobile version 1511 OS Build 10.0.10586.240.
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