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  1. Dear Team, On credit card payment sites, I only receive autofill option of cards which are separately saved as 'Cards' in Enpass. If I save my cards as 'Linked Cards' section of 'Bank Accounts', then they don't show up in autofill options. Please add this autofill feature as well. Thank you.
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    Thanks for reply. But am I mistaken that price is indeed different - 200 against 800 bucks. Please check the screenshot.
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    Dear All, I am a paid customer on Android. However the price on IOS is four fold! It is not fair to assume that IOS users should always pay more. Rather than comparing to other password managers on how expensive they are, may be it is fair to compare how cheap Enpass is on android compared to ios. I am holding onto purchasing it on my ipad for the same reason. Least you can offer is discount to existing customer on other platform. Already paid for LastPass and then they made syncing free. Sigh!
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