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  1. Today I tried to connect the new Chrome extension to my MacOS Enpass 6 beta but it doesn't work: it opens a browser prompt to open Enpass app and the app is shown but then the main windows is shown and nothing happens. In the browser after a few seconds I get this message: Any ideas what can be wrong?
  2. I have the same issue - I have created a backup (walletx file) in Enpass 5 and I cannot import it in Enpass 6 on Android (I click on that walletx file in a file manager and choose Enpass to open it).
  3. Hello @Anshu kumar, Could I provide you more information that would help in investigating the issue? (log files etc). Best regards, Piotr
  4. Hello @Akash Vyas I use: Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.6 Chrome 59.0.3071.115 Enpass extension 5.4.3 Enpass Mac OS app 5.5.7 (98) The issue occurs for all websites. Best regards, Piotr
  5. Hello, I noticed that when I use keyboard shortcut or click on Enpass extension icon in Chrome then after choosing login its details are filled in in the page's form but Chrome focus is lost and I have to click the browser window in order to be able to submit login using keyboard. I found the issue has been reported previously and reportedly fixed but it stills occurs on my machine. Best regards, Piotr
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