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  1. Hi @Akash Vyas, thanks for your reply. So I guess it's also kind of Microsoft's, allowing PIN as an alternative to facial recognition. Still, I sincerely hope the dev team finds a way around this and can disable PIN as a login option to enpass.
  2. Thanks for your reply. So I tried entering an invalid PIN and you do get a few tries. After that, it does not ask for the master password but instead requires a restart of the device in order to log in again through PIN. Facial recognition still works. I guess that's a decent solution, though I still would have preferred the master password as the only alternative to facial recognition. You're right about the loss of software practicality when having to enter your full master password each time facial recognition fails, but I find Windows Hello to be fairly consistent and would be happy to trade some practicality for better security when it comes to my most sensitive information.
  3. I have just started using enpass and I love it, mostly because of its compatibility with Windows Hello facial recognition. Now I noticed that, when facial recognition does not work, you are able to log in using your Windows Hello PIN. I can imagine this undermines security quite a bit, since my PIN is much easier to break than my master password. So would it not be better to ask for the master password, whenever facial recognition is failing?
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