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  1. Thanks for switching on the one drive sync integration. Just one question before i test this - i assume that Version 6 does not use the same sync files as version 5 ? In other words, if i configure V6 to sync with the same onedrive account as V5, V6 wont affect the V5 files already present ?

  2. I found the same - but after restarting Enpass 6 the vault had been loaded correctly. However, also had on a couple of occasions Enpass 6 crashes at the end of the import - but again if you restart the app, the vault is loaded ... Windows 10 64bit [Version 10.0.17134.112]

  3. Dear All,

    I have the same issue. Windows Desktop 5.5.7 and IOS 11 Beta with Enpass 5.5.4. Steps are as follows :-

    1. Open Enpass on IOS

    2. App opens to all items which is blank - no data.

    3. Swipe up to open control and then swipe down - Enpass requests new touchid / password and then data is displayed.

    4. Sync is with Dropbox and the last Sync is shown as 9th August and last attempt is 14th August.

    5. Disconect and reconnect Dropbox and then resync data - last sync and last attempt now correct and as far as i can tell items are synced.



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