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  1. I rarely ever comment on these kinds of forums re update problems, but the experience with this update was so piss-poor (and still is) that I decided to do so anyways.

    I'm not even going to get into the details, but updating to v.6 required me to

    1. reset my Windows 10 setup (rollback)
    2.  ignore frequent "error 400" messages
    3. figure out why Enpass didn't connect to my OneDrive account (my backups aren't in any default location)
    4. search endlessly for answers in fragmented help/support files/forums (it was pure chance that I found the answers)
    5. check if this update was actually legit !!! (I seriously doubted that at some point and thought Enpass must have gotten hacked)
    6. ...

    Several hours later I've got the new version running and - (place drum roll here) - I find out I've got to pay for features I once had. I have yet to (re-)configure/(re-)install the Opera browser extension (what a pain in the neck) and I haven't even looked at the Android version yet.

    My take? Many, many people who are not somewhat computer-savvy are going to pull their hair out over this one and I suspect that many people will consult outside help to get the update to work.

    Now, if this were some random app, I wouldn't care, but for hours today, I thought I had - permanently - lost access to the most important information in my possession, bank account , credit card, payment services etc., PASSWORDS! 

    I'm sorry, but what Enpass forced on its customers here (unsuspecting customers at that) is and was an absolute catastrophe!
    Never again.
    I'm out ... even if the functionality costs more elsewhere.
    I've lost all trust (in a few hours)



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  2. App /Desktop version ... Confusion

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Win 10 and installed the Enpass Windows 10 App from the Windows App store (and paid about 10 Euro for it).

    When I wanted to activate the (Opera) browser extension, I noticed I needed the desktop version of Enpass for that (which I installed ... works).

    But, what did I buy now?
    A Win 10 app I don't need (I use an Android phone which I haven't installed Enpass for yet)?
    Or is the 9.99 Euro payment for all versions/applicable to other versions of the software?

    Confused (and probably too dumb) ;)


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