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  1. This is a show stopper for me as I need to be able to use the existing v5 database on OneDrive with the v6. If this is not possible then I simply cannot upgrade. If the new version can support a v5 vault then all good but I haven't found a way to this as Enpass complains it cannot find any compatible vaults.


  2. I have a lot of passwords/items and try to use MFA where I can.

    If there was a view that I could click on to show all accounts that support MFA/2FA or an icon/note on the detail page this would help me identify and setup MFA on other accounts.

    I normally use this site to identify sites but its not exactly easy to use or identify the sites I use.




  3. Simply put I'm suggesting a multi-line text field that can be secured.

    Sites using multi-factor authentication (MFA) often have a set of recovery codes. One can't add these easily to Enpass as I don't have an option to have a secure text field.

    While talking about fields it could be nice to have a master list of fields that are already setup and can be added to any item (ie, I just add the recovery codes field I've already added).




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