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  1. @Akash Vyas UPDATE! I manage to fix it by rename Enpass folder in Document folder and restore the cloud data from dropbox, Thanks so much for your support, thanks so much for your reply, i will try you solution later today, but l just wanna let u know that it seem to be only issue on one computer, because another pc that use the same client still able to log in with the same master password. best regards
  2. issue to sign-in with tradition windows client Dear Dev, I don know if someone already facing this issue, but last night i can not sign in with tradition client on windows, I'm very sure that my master password is correct because i still can sign in with other devices including android phone and a modern windows client. I'm sync with dropbox. I did uninstall and re-install a several times but still no luck it just keep saying that my password is wrong with no other error. Please advice, Best regards.
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