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  1. I just realized this thread is over a year old. Are you guys working on these importing problems at all?
  2. I'm going to have to agree with most of the people here. The lack of being able to import into a folder structure is really important. Trying to import from lastpass and I've found the same as all the others. I took a look at the csv that lastpass exports. It clearly labels the folders in a "grouping" header. I'm a developer as well, so as others have stated, I know it takes time to tackle all these issues. I'll also echo @TheOnlyMerlin when I say in order to get people to switch, you need to make it easy for them. This is not easy. Thankfully I only have about 100 items, but I don't know if it's worth my time to manually add them to folders. Another issue... I'm on Ubuntu 17.04 using a dark system them and a dark theme in firefox (v55). The enpass desktop app and firefox extension don't play very nice with the dark system theme. In the desktop app, I can't see the username because the text is white as well as the background. In the firefox extension, I have the same problem with the options in the dropdown on the bottom right of the overlay / popup / whatever-you-call-it. I had one other strange problem. I deleted all the entries I had imported and tried to import the csv a second time. For whatever reason I got some kind of error saying it couldn't find a lastpass export (or something to that effect). I then copy and pasted the export (since lastpass opened it in my browser) into a csv in a different directory with a different name, and it worked just fine. It was very strange behavior. So after all the negativity, I *would* like to say "Way to go guys". It's impressive how many platforms you guys are supporting. And thank you for supporting Chromebook (even though you're doing it via Android :-) ). The fundamentals of the application feel solid. I'm hoping you guys are working hot 'n heavy on this importing business. Feels like you're losing a fair amount of potential customers because of it, and I'm really hoping you succeed. You've got the start of a pretty good thing going.
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