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  1. Enpass user since the Blackberry age.
    Yubikey adept.  
    I'm enrolling to Bitwarden now because of the Yubikey compatibility. 
    We can't wait forever, I see this feature has been asked since +4yr.
    I do not understand what you are waiting for.  I see things developed beyond the easy and practical side in Enpass "fancy stuff", and I see "must haves" not being developed. 
    I don't think priorities are straight within the team. 
    So thank you for the many years.  It has been a pleasure most of the time.   I'm hope seeing you back someday.  

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  2. Hello, I would like to file this issue.  The Xiaomi Mint is a very lightweight and fast browser.  I especially like the build in reading function on my handheld device.   It would be nice to have the possibility to use Enpass with it.  I already tried to stop the autofilling service and reenable it, but this does not work.  Any idea?  

    Browser 12.2.6-g


  3. I'm an Enpass use since the very early days.  Passed from Blackberry to Windows Phone to Android.   I've used Onedrive, Gdrive, Dropbox and finally Box as sync service.   Would you Consider a cloudsync to a non US based cloud service as Jottacloud?

    I'm considering an owncloud solution, but sync to e.g. Jottacloud would be great to.  

    Apparently there is an API: https://github.com/havardgulldahl/jottalib



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