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  1. I had another look and am am using the 5.4.3 extension so guessed the problem didn't lie there but with me and my understanding of how the thing works. After a bit of fiddling I changed the ID of the Google sign in to read accounts.Google.com and then the autofill was successful. Thanks for the help.
  2. Is there still an issue with Google login? I installed Enpass on my Windows 10 pc yesterday and got the extension for Vivaldi 1.10.867.38. It works well for all of the sites I've tested it on so far but it doesn't even seem to recognise the Google login page as being just that. I logged into all the other sites manually and Enpass recognised them and created an entry automatically. It didn't do that for Google. I tried adding my login details manually into Enpass and saved the entry but when I went to Google login I couldn't get autofill to work through Ctrl+/ or double click. Is it me,
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