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  1. Totally agree. Just imported from Lastpass and I have all my entries duplicated. Wouldn't be so bad if, after deleting one from the list, the list scrolls right back to the top again! Then I have to scroll back down to find another entry, delete it, then it scrolls up again, etc. So, a) don't scroll back to start, b) maybe a 'multi select' option to remove duplicates, c) a 'find/remove duplicates' feature. Great software though, good job.

  2. Hi, After reading the review by Daniel Rubino on Windows Central, I thought I would give Enpass a try. Have been using Lastpass for a while, but was attracted to your support for UWP, Windows Hello, cost and device sync. I am really impressed. I travel a lot, sometimes in areas with no wifi or phone signal. Can you suggest a workaround/method for getting access to stored passwords, etc in a worst case scenario where I only have access to a public computer or a borrowed smartphone? This computer / smartphone may NOT have Enpass installed and my data file at present is located on my Onedrive. Is there a web app, for example? If the only solution would be to buy another phone and install Enpass on it, I guess there would still be a need to remember my login details for the new phone's platform AND my OneDrive.


    Thanks for the good work.



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