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  1. Show number of matching credentials in extension icon Is it possible to show the number of matching credentials in the extension icon, like Lastpass does for instance? Is kinda handy with only one match also since then you see that you have a stored credential for that site.
  2. I can't post my input that doesn't import correctly here since the forum thinks it's spam and stops me from posting it... Bummer. And it's not possible to attach files... Will a attach a picture of my post....
  3. Hello, I used the latest Lastpass chrome extension for OSX for export. I used latest Enpass OSX app to import. Lastpass language is English.
  4. Lastpass import, data missing Hello, is it normal that some passwords are just gone when importing from Lastpass. Exporting from Lastpass to .csv creates 599 entries, importing to Enpass and then export to .csv = 411 entries. And some real passwords are just gone. Which is troublesome...
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