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  1. Owncloud and Enpass - Working Hi! I finally got Enpass synchronization to work with my QNAP-ownCloud. Here is how. 1. Installed the ownCloud and added a user on my QNAP (SSL certificate .. get OpenSSL here and a free DDNS already configured) 2. Opened and forwarded port 8081 from my router to my QNAP 3. And then.. the problemsolver... making ownCloud accept you selfsigned SSL (Enpass gives you no clue here, it either says incorrect authentication blabla or connecting without connecting...): In you browser: https://MYOWNCLOUD-IP:8081/owncloud/index.php/settings/admin?trustDomain=MYDOMAIN ...t.ex.: ...this makes ownCloud trust your selfsigned certifiacte and domain. 4. Now, finally, Enpass connects to my ownCloud without any problems. NB! I had to "End task" and restart the desktop version in order to get it to work (this was not needed on the iPhone or Win10 store version)
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