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  1. I have 2 boxes with UM 16.04, both have had Enpass on for a while. Not synced. Firefox and Opera browser extensions. Both systems now have Enpass locking up and needing the password for every use, and all the browser extensions are showing your standard extension error. I have deleted the Enpass folder, and the Sinew folder in .config and reinstalled multiple times to no avail. They were fine yesterday. What could be going on here?
  2. Absolutely super - just the ticket! Thank you!
  3. A new install keeps setting up with the backup location pointing to a non-existent HDD - and when I try to change it Enpass goes into an endless loop. I've stripped this disk of all references to an earlier install of Enpass, deleted every file that has enpass in the name, and done a full search for text in any file that says "enpass" but it just won't change. Does anybody know where Enpass might be finding this info that it uses to assign the backup location?
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