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  1. Currently on Ubuntu 16.04 and I'm having issues with the file selection dialog. It just opens with the outline of a window and the controls (minimize, maximize, close), but the inside of the window is completely transparent. Additionally getting a ton of syncing issues with my primary vault (synced with Google Drive) and the error code 409991. It appears to be actually syncing, per the changes made on my Ubuntu device being made available to my iOS device, but it keeps displaying the same error message in the lower-right corner of the Enpass window. Right clicking on an item near the bottom of the window makes the context menu cut off at the edge of the window. +1000 for the scrolling issues. In my browser I can scroll at a normal speed, but in the Enpass window it scrolls at light speed, seemingly. I need to very carefully move my fingers to scroll one notch (I'm using a touchpad) so it doesn't fly down through the scrollable content in the, for example, settings area. Only time I hit a segfault was when first loading the client up and I was met with a screen asking if I wanted to enable/install browser extensions. On finding that section of the settings, it looked like checkmarks instead of the switch-style UI elements for on/off I've seen elsewhere. It also doesn't appear to segfault after that screen shown immediately after the initial load action. I saw this same bug on the Android client, so I wonder if this is a commonly forgotten code path to a buggy view? All of this has been with Enpass Beta v6.0.0.105 on Gallium OS (Ubuntu 16.04 with LXDE).
  2. I used Chrome stable (v67.0.3396.87) and it worked exactly as expected, with the exception that I needed to manually switch back to the Enpass Beta app to have it finish authorization. No indication that I could close the browser window. Slight usability issue, but not a high priority.
  3. I'm using Android 8.1.0 on Nexus 6, running Enpass Starting with an empty vault, tried syncing with Google Drive first. I signed into the appropriate google account like normal, authorized enpass beta just like any other oauth application, and reached the authorization complete page, and nothing. No redirect. It looked like the rounded turquoise div might have been a Material designed button, so I tapped it. Nothing. I switched tasks to the Enpass Beta app again and it was stuck with the loading modal saying "Authorizing" with the loading pinwheel. I waited patiently for 10 minutes with no indication of it receiving anything from the server. I tried again with authorizing Google Drive, this time much faster since I was already logged in. Same issue. I created a new vault, choosing to setup sync after it had some data, then tried again, and same issue. I even varied it up from using the stock AOSP browser to using Firefox Focus. Same issue no matter what. I then switched to Dropbox in case it was provider-specific. Same issue.
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