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  1. Not sure what specific setting made the difference, but copying the Enpass-Desktop.conf file from my other machines, overwriting the one on the new machine resolved my issue. -- I'm using enpass on Arch Linux, running in a Virtualbox VM. On attempting to import from a backup (stored locally sourced from an exported backup from my main desktop machine), I'm prompted for a password, which I enter. It's the same password as on the desktop machines. After selecting the file (.walletx), I enter my password and am informed my data has been restored successfully. I select done and am again prompted for the master password at the unlock screen. However all attempts to enter the master password fail here. I enter the correct password and am stuck in a loop where I'm repeatedly asked for the password. I'm forced to kill Enpass. Reopening the application from either the web browser via plugin or via a terminal result in the same problem. Running via the provided script in /opt/Enpass does not show any errors in the terminal. If I try to restore from Dropbox, which my other desktop installations sync to, I am able to log into dropbox via Enpass, provide API permissions, however Enpass just hangs at 'restoring data' with an endless spinner. Not sure is this is some sort of dependency problem with my distribution or something else. Any insight is much appreciated - Thanks
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