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  1. Only Chrome, which is one browser I rarely use. Shame. I'm likely to continue here anyway, since RF just updated itself and broke once more. I've had about enough.
  2. Any thoughts on when that might make it into a release? I need that on a number of sites I access, and having to copy/paste is a huge pain I'd rather not live with.
  3. Reimported using the CSV method, and with a bit of fiddling of the data got it in properly. All that leaves is the http auth dialogs not being filled in or reacting, etc. I take it that's just not possible still? Any plans to implement it (RF can do it)?
  4. I'm looking to replace Roboform 8 (pretty much tricked into the upgrade by them, since it didn't explain the requirements), since the new version has me feeling insecure with the forced online account that uses the same password you set as a master password (also forced) and complains all the time if they don't match. That means it's likely transmitting and comparing that, both ways (even if hashed, that's a terrible practice). Anyway, importing data from there to Enpass doesn't seem to work properly. The two export methods for HTML from RF don't get any of the usernames or passwords, just URLs. The only way I was able to import as HTML was to perform a convoluted workaround with clicking the RF browser toolbar icon, choosing logins, print list, preview then save as file. That got them imported, but badly. As such, things don't match when attempting login via browser extension. Any help with getting this data in there properly would be appreciated. Other issue is auth dialogs, as in password protected authentication popups. Tried one in Firefox, and it never offered, autofilled, or reacted to the keyboard shortcut. Assuming this program normally should, could this also be a result of the clunky and possibly partially failed import?
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