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  1. Thank you for your reply, Anshu. My computer has the latest version of Windows 10 Professional I am using what you call the traditional or web version of Enpass, version 5.6.0. My Firefox 57 enpass browser extension version is from your browser extension download page, version I use BitDefender Total Security 2018 on my computer, and BitDefender's firewall setting for Enpass allows all access -- Any Protocol, Any Traffic, Any Port, Any IP Question: am I using the correct Enpass version and the correct browser extension for FireFox 57? If so, then I need to tell you Enpass is NOT working for me, because I am still getting the Enpass Connection Error message.
  2. Finally installed enpass 5.6 and the latest Firefox extension from the enpass download page. I am running the latest version of Windows, and now FireFox 57. One user stated that using Enpass 5.6 and the pre-release addon for firefox 57 works. I still cannot get Enpass to work with firefox 57. And now with enpass 5.6 installed, enpass no longer works with Chrome. OMG How many darn versions of Enpass must I install to use with the two browsers I depend on?
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