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  1. I waited for some guidance for over 24 hours. There was no response. Deleting the /opt/Enpass directory and installing version 5.6.0 from the download page worked. I no longer need assistance. Thank you. --Tom
  2. So at this point, I'm thinking that the Enpass Maintenance Tool is part of the problem. I'm considering deleting the /opt/Enpass directory and installing version 5.6.0 from your download page. Is there a reason why this shouldn't work? Should I save anything before I try this? I'm hoping to preserve my Master Password and my 50+ url/passwords.
  3. As requested, I did send an email with some screenshots a few hours ago. I may have sent the email twice (by accident), or not at all. I was a bit confused by the lack of an outbox and a "sent folder." Let me know if you didn't get them or if I can supply more information. Thank you. --Tom
  4. I still need help getting the latest Enpass installed.
  5. Thank you for responding Akash! After I clicked the "Next" button, the following error message appeared in the message box (in red): URL scheme not supported: https (https://dl.sinew.in/linux/packages) Should I try changing "https" to "http" ?
  6. I'm running the 64-bit version of Fedora 26. I currently have Enpass 5.5.6 installed. My default browser is Firefox (version 57). I downloaded the new Enpass plugin for Firefox this morning. The next thing (that I think) I need to do is to upgrade Enpass to version 5.6.0. Enpass is currently installed in the "/opt/Enpass" directory. How can I get Enpass to update itself? Or alternatively, how can I do it "manually"? Thanks for your help. (Let me know if you need more information to help me.) --Tom
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