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  1. Hi, unfortunately Opera extension stopped working with desktop app version 5.2. I´ve tried to disable security verification of the browser, I´ve tried to reinstall browser externsion, I´ve tried to reinstal Enpass desktop app as well. Still getting following error message in the Opera browser: Enpass Connection Error Any advise please? Thank You
  2. That´s strange as I was prompted on my Lumia 950XL to install this new version therefore I did the same on my Surface PRO 3. So what you are implying is that I should stay on Enpass Desktop app on my Surface PRO 3? Thank You
  3. Is there any way how I can set up new version of Enpass (version 5.1) in order to start automatically after start of the system iself? And, is there any way how I can minimize the app into systray only?
  4. Hi, I´ve installed new version of Enpass for Windows 10, specifically version 5.1 yesterday. Therefore I´ve uninstalled previous version of Enpass = Enpass Desktop. Unfortunately Opera extension doesn´t work anymore as it requires running Enpass Desktop version, getting following note: Enpass Connection Error Please start Enpass desktop app and make sure you have checked "Enable Browser Extension" in Enpass Preferences, before using Enpass Browser Extension. ´m quite confused to be honest as I do not know how it´s supposed to work. I do not want to have two installed Enpass version on the same computer, it doesn´t make sense at all. Please advise.
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