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  1. Hi, here are the versions: Enpass 5.6.2 (118) Enpass extension 5.5.0 Vivaldi 1.14.1030.3 MacOs X El Capitan But I already got the solution, it found it in this post -> I turned off the Code signature verification in main Enpass App and now it works again. Is this a new feature? Because about a week ago it worked like a charm since months ...
  2. Hi, the Enpass shortcut was working since month with my chrome based Vivaldi Browser. But some days ago it stopped working and now there just flashes a new tab in the browser, but the user credentials are not set in different user/password fields. I also tried to reset the shortcut, but this also didn't help and the settings in Enpass are also OK to use shortcuts in browsers. I don't know if this was caused by a browser update or a Enpass update ...
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