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  1. Thanks @Anshu kumar, Everything seems to be working great so far this morning. Just a quick question, are you guys planning on developing an extension for the Safari Technical Preview, I can't seem to get it to work with it...? Thanks again, Scott
  2. Hi @Ankur Gupta, I believe that I may have inadvertently fixed Enpass. I was having some, (a bunch actually), problems with iCloud on my Mac Book with Sierra this morning. I first disabled sync from Enpass so that I could get a password that I needed without it crashing. I then reset the sync on it and so far, it appears to be working for me. I did the same thing the other day, but I didn't reboot the other day while I was doing all of this. (Today, I had to reboot for other reasons.) I'll let you know if this is actually working properly after I've been able to use it for a day or two. Thanks, Scott
  3. Hi Ankur, I sent you a message with the crash log data. Thanks, Scott
  4. Hi Ankur, I'm actually running 16A239j (are you on the public beta). And Enpass version is 5.2.2 (50). I can send the logs privately, if you'd like. Thanks, Scott
  5. I realize even as I type this that macOS Sierra is a beta operating system and shouldn't necessarily be supported. However, I'm writing this because I had better luck using the current public version working, than this beta version. Whenever, I launch the Enpass beta, it crashes almost as quickly as it launched. Scott
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