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  1.  HI,

    I am endeavoring to make a program that can introduce google text styles in the android gadget. Utilizing 

    Uri = Uri.parse("http://fonts.gstatic.com/s/abeezee/v11/mE5BOuZKGln_Ex0uYKpIaw.ttf"); 

    Expectation goal = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, URI); 


    I am ready to download the textual style specified in URL in my android gadget however when I endeavor to open it, it says unrecognized record compose. Already I had introduced Hifont. utilizing HiFont I could open my document yet is there any approach to open these sort of record without utilizing hifont or any kind of installer? If it's not too much trouble Help me...




  2. I have the accompanying code and am getting a blunder with the Intent. It is a result of the this I am genuinely sure.  Android

    listView.onItemClickListener = question : OnItemClickListener { 


    fun onItemClick(parent: AdapterView<*>, see: View, 

    position: Int, id: Long) { 

    val aim = Intent(this, MyActivity::class.java) 



    plz Any sugessions provide me

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